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Apple provides an accessible, completely blind friendly and amazing suite of apps that puts the power back into your hands with iWork!
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Let’s Get to Work

It’s time to move the needle and do work that matters. With the Work Altitude Series, you’ll master Apple’s born-accessible iWork apps to boost productivity and maximize confidence.

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, or clocking in from your kitchen table, there’s work to be done, and you need the power to create, analyze and present your ideas efficiently and accessibly.

• Pages allows you to create documents using basic word processing features and advanced formatting options.
• Numbers helps you analyze data with spreadsheet and number crunching tools.
• Keynote lets you easily share your ideas in stunning presentations and slide decks.

No matter the job, no matter the industry, it’s important to have the skills to create and share ideas through documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Take your productivity, confidence and employability to new heights when you join the Work Altitude Series today.

What’s included in your Work Altitude Series membership?

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• Weekly Modules
In-depth instruction to explore a powerful feature or skill necessary to take your ideas to the next level
• Weekly Quick Tips
Bite-sized and ready to use, these tips show you a powerful shortcut to get work done right away
• Ask – A – Coach
Get unstuck with a direct lifeline to our coaches, who answer all of your questions within 24 hours
• 25% Discount
Consider it the “Family Discount”, you’ll have access to savings when you explore other products and services offered by Fedora Outlier, LLC.
• Appointed Affiliate Program
Earn deep discounts when you refer your friends and colleagues to the Work Altitude Series.
• Backstage Pass
See how documents, spreadsheets and slide decks are helping our team to get things done when you peek behind the curtain at Fedora Outlier, LLC
• 1 Hour of Private Coaching
A one-hour coaching session to help you set goals, identify areas of improvement and build on skills needed to get work done.
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The Work Altitude Series (yearly)
The Work Altitude Series (yearly)
$797 per year (a $200 savings!)
Price: $797.00
Work Altitude Series Premium (SWISS PAY)
Work Altitude Series Premium (SWISS PAY)
4 easy installments!
Price: $224.00
Work Altitude Series Standard (SWISS PAY)
Work Altitude Series Standard (SWISS PAY)
4 easy installments!
Price: $199.00
Work Altitude Series Standard
Work Altitude Series Standard
A 10% discount!
Price: $697.00
Price: $797.00
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